About Us

About Us


Destination Trips is the brain child of two seasoned mentors, Mr. Kumar Shashank, Director of Destination Trips and Mr. V N Sinha, Chairman of Destination Trips. Mr. Kumar Shashank leads the teams with his understanding of the industry based on his experience and provides insights to the team. Mr. V. N Sinha provides the team with proper guidance and disciplines to ensure maximum efficiency and proper service.

Destination Trips was founded with a view to putting end to frustrating travel booking process. As the majority of travellers are shifting online, the old static booking process with fluctuating prices that dig deep into your pockets is not going to cut it. This is where Destination Trips comes in, with the real-time pricing system, you get the most recent, cheapest rates every time. With Destination Trip, “What you see is what you get”. We proudly present our pricing system which ensures that the price remains constant throughout the booking process.

We understand that every traveller’s definition of adventure is different, which is why, instead of pre-fabricated packages, we customize your tour package down to a single minute. So, whether you want an adventure filled trip, a romantic get-away, business meeting packed trip to multiple cities or a relaxing stay-cation, we’re here for you! We provide end solutions so you do not have to look for a number of travel agents.

We provide the complete travel solutions starting from flights, buses, hotels or you can get a complete holiday package. If you want to tap into this 7.6 trillion-dollar industry, check out our Business to Business Platform. We started by providing better ROI plans for travel company in Navi Mumbai, then we shifted to travel company in Mumbai, now we have a wide network of channel partners all over the country.

Destination Trip provides a Business Opportunity which will make you stand out from the rest. Destination Trips launched its Agents and Distributors Programme, wherein along with the travel portal, we offer our Agents and Distributors an E-Commerce platform.

We not only deal in the travel market but in E-Commerce market as well. This, in turn, would enable you to create a value proposition for your customer. Few of the unique services we provide are:

DTH buying and recharge: it adds into your business without having to maintain an inventory. Our biggest marketing share is from the top travel company in Navi Mumbai who diversified from their initial business.

Mobile Recharge: With almost 420 million mobile users in India, this business has no end. Money Transfer: According to a survey carried out by Jan-Dhan Yojana, even after taking necessary measures, about 165 million people in India are still unbanked. Which in turn increases the need for money transfer through private bodies.

You can start your own business by becoming a Distributor or an Agent at a negligible cost. Whether you are a travel agent in Mumbai or anywhere in India, or you want to enter this market, this is the opportunity for you. All you need to have is a phone or a laptop.

Travel Services:

  • Flights Booking
  • Hotels Booking
  • Bus Booking
  • Holiday Packages

E-Commerce Portal:

  • Money Transfer
  • DTH Selling and Recharge
  • Pan Card
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Visa ( Only for Package )

Our Vision

To become the most preferred travel companion.

Our Mission

To understand and fulfil the diverse needs of travellers, provide unparalleled service and to “help make memories.”