Money Transfer Service

Money Transfer Service


Providing the Best Money Transfer Service in Navi Mumbai

The Global Money Transfer Industry is predicted to grow to $ 600 billion by the end of the year. Considering the Indian Economy, an average of 60% of bank account holders are not active and turn to local bodies to transfer the money. To cater to this market, Destination Trips provides this service as an add on to our Travel Portal. To set a benchmark in our area we first conducted a survey amongst best money transfer service in Navi Mumbai. We then created a no-error product.

What are the extra benefits our agents get in Navi Mumbai by using the Destination Trip Money Transfer Services:

  • Online money transfer to any bank 24*7
  • Instant Commission
  • No Investment
  • High Margin
  • Safe and Secure Platform
  • Transfer to any account
  • Convenient and easy to use Access through Mobile, Laptop and Computer
  • Access through Mobile, Laptop and Computer
  • Best Money Transfer Service

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