Utility Bill Service

Utility Bill Service


What are Utility Bill Services and how we reformed this service in Navi Mumbai?

The term Utility Bill denotes the basic costs that are implied while running a household. These costs include Gas Bill, Electricity Bill and Water Bill for every month or as made mandatory by government. These bills vary according to the usage made by each household. These costs also vary according to the size of your home, Number of people residing and your lifestyle. Utility Bills also act as a proof of address in most transactions.

How we started Utility Bill Services in Navi Mumbai?

Destination Trips, based in Navi Mumbai has brought you the comfort of paying these bills online with Utility Bill Payment Services. Now you can pay your utility bills such as Gas Bill and Electricity Bill along with Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge. We have provided these special Utility Bill Payment Services with the addition to our travel platform with the goal of making a large customer base for you. We understand the hardships of standing in long queues, especially in areas like Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. Make maximum commission on every transaction you make by deciding beforehand. Be the one stop solution for all of your customer’s needs!

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